Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

Why it’s Unique

Beautifully designed, easy to use, and incredibly useful, INSTOR is the “iPhone” of QA databases. At our hospital, it has been a tremendous help in identifying where our process works smoothly, and where we should target to improve further. With the click of a button, we can get a summary of results for any performance measure relative to demographics, outcomes, required performance metrics, and more. The individual patient timelines clearly show where delays occurred; we have used this feature regularly at our QA meetings to improve how we care for patients. INSTOR has been useful to our ED, stroke coordinators, physicians, and hospital administrators – the entire stroke team.

 M.J.B. Stallmeyer, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Interventional Neuroradiology, Reading Health, Reading PA

Position Your Program for Success

Uniquely equipped to provide sophisticated analysis of the numerous steps involved in all forms of emergency stroke treatment, INSTOR takes in all relevant information pertaining to process improvement to give out meaningful and specific reports that: showcase real-time institutional results relative to numerous performance measures; compare those results to an anonymous national aggregate; and demonstrate progress toward achievement of defined benchmarks (where applicable).  To accomplish these ends, INSTOR offers several unique features:

Comprehensive ScopeWhether you are a Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Center, INSTOR empowers you to track and understand all pertinent steps in emergency stroke treatment utilizing Intravenous tissue Plasminogen Activator (IV tPA) or Endovascular Therapy (EVT).

ComplianceAll relevant performance measures pertaining to emergency stroke treatment that are mandated by the Joint Commission, numerous medical societies, and the American Stroke Association are separately calculated and presented in INSTOR.  See Compliance for how INSTOR fulfills this task.

Inexpensive and simple.  Utilizing tried and true methods of data management and requiring as little as 15 minutes for data entry (dependent on the case), INSTOR was designed to follow routine clinical flow and incorporates a user-friendly format simple enough to begin using  immediately.

Instantaneous Processing.   Regardless of the complexity of the report or the number of data points you want included, your wait time for data analysis is . . . zero.  INSTOR provides all the results you want in easy-to-understand graphic formats with one click of a button.

Flexible Application. As INSTOR alone provides you with the full spectrum of data analysis, from key process intervals to multiple procedural results to clinical outcomes (with or without risk adjustment), you have complete flexibility to use the data for a wide range of purposes.

Versatile and Informative Reports. INSTOR instantly provides you with over 250 custom-designed reports that deliver the information you need concerning any process or outcome you want to measure, whether it’s median time from door to IV tPA up to and including the percentage of patients with 90-day mRS of 0-1 or 0-2 with outcomes correlated to patients with diabetes or without diabetes.

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