Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

What It Delivers

Registries have long been used as effective tools by the cardiovascular world in order to refine and improve their procedures, techniques, and processes of care.  With recent trials bringing into question our ability to improve clinical outcomes using endovascular therapy, it is more important than ever that the neurointerventional community dedicates itself to tracking and assessing the data that will enable us to optimize processes of care in order to improve patient outcomes.

J. J. (Buddy) Connors, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Use the INSTOR System to Improve your Stroke Program

Emergency stroke treatment is under particular scrutiny these days. Recent trial results raise questions concerning procedural efficacy, and there is a noteworthy absence of national or institutional data that demonstrate clinical benefit. The stroke community is in need of innovative tools that can address these real-world challenges in an efficient, effective and sustainable way. Interventional Cardiology faced this challenge two decades ago and solved their problem with Point-Of-Service concurrent data documentation (see Effective Data Management) combined with the concerted use of registries to achieve ongoing Process Improvement for their field.

INSTOR provides a unified and comprehensive data analysis system for both Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers to comply with regulatory agencies (i.e., the Joint Commission) and to improve their clinical performance and patient outcomes for acute ischemic stroke patients.  Powered by a state-of-the-art analytical engine capable of sophisticated analysis of numerous performance measures, INSTOR was built for one mission: to optimize emergency processes of care (mostly in the Emergency Department) in order to improve patient outcomes, and then show these in easily understood graphic formats.

INSTOR can inform you on numerous long-term trends as well as current trends pertaining to any emergency process interval  – all at the click of the button.  INSTOR automatically performs analyses and presents all results, including “variances” (individual patient process deficiencies) in real-time. With INSTOR, you get everything from 90-day modified Rankin Scores (mRS) relative to Intravenous (IV) tPA therapy, Endovascular Therapy (EVT), or both, as well as the percentage of patients, by therapy type, who experienced a symptomatic bleed within 36 hours. INSTOR alone calculates single- and multi-factorial risk-adjusted clinical outcomes based upon individual patient characteristics, and shows detailed process timelines for every treated patient.

Singularly focused on improving the quality and delivery of emergency stroke treatment at your institution, INSTOR is more than just a database.  It is a change-agent, enabling you to make informed decisions that will take your program to the next level and with clearly visible results – both to the C-Suite and in the treatment setting.

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