Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment


Our data capturing process begins the moment a patient enters the emergency room. We have a dedicated core stroke team made up of RN stroke coordinators, who are responsible for providing 24/7/365 coverage of all “code strokes”. This allows the coordinator to facilitate the entire stroke treatment process and at the same time capture nearly all data points accurately and efficiently, as they are occurring, by direct observation.

Once the “code stroke” is complete, the coordinator then enters the patient into the INSTOR database, allowing timely and accurate information to be entered into INSTOR. It is the ideal scenario to have the person who participated in the “code stroke” to also be the person who enters the information into INSTOR to reflect the most accurate data input and process results. By the time the coordinator is finished with this data entry, the majority of the work is done. All analyses are performed by INSTOR instantly and it is also the only database our stroke coordinators are using. Other databases are utilized by the Quality department retrospectively and only after discharge, but INSTOR is the only stroke database our stroke team can and does utilize to not only magnify the discrete details of each “code stroke” process but to also highlight how we can continue to improve the care we provide – and in a manner that is as close to real time as it gets.

With the ease of the data collection and input process, INSTOR provides us with immediate reports and all of the information needed to share the outcomes of not only each code stroke process, but also our treatment outcomes. INSTOR is very simple to use and very user friendly. For the stroke coordinators, the dashboards and reports are easy to read and can be easily copied into a power point for distribution of reports and outcomes. Being one of the first community hospitals in the nation to become a Comprehensive Stroke Center, I am also excited about the availability of the New Comprehensive Stroke Center Performance Measures tab built into INSTOR that allows me to easily report our required measures with up-to-the-minute results available at any time. Until we started to use INSTOR, we had no idea about many of the processes that occurred and where problems were occurring. The instant feedback provided by INSTOR can be reviewed the next day easily and thus quickly lead to focused and meaningful improvement.