Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

What it delivers

See an Overview of Your Processes and Outcomes: the Dashboard

From the moment you log in, you’ll see how INSTOR provides you with clear and vital information concerning the essence of your emergency stroke program and its performance. On this “dashboard,” which serves as your private “home page”, you will see a high-level snapshot of your institutional performance results as shown in a graphic timeline that demonstrates median time (in minutes) for all major processes of care along the emergency stroke management continuum (e.g., door to CT, etc.).  You will also see all major clinical results: 90-day modified Rankin Scale outcomes and symptomatic hemorrhages.  Further, and unique to INSTOR, an overall summary of the health of your own hospital’s stroke population is presented at the bottom in the form of the THRIVE score (a multifactorial assessment of clinical severity composed of age, severity of stroke and other factors) in order to allow you to compare your patient population to other institutions.  INSTOR alone can perform this task.

From your dashboard page, you can either begin entering new patient data or retrieve performance reports across any one of six major categories – see the remainder of these reports, to the right.  For each category, you can assess your institutional performance for all performance measures and benchmarks (where applicable) as well as monitor the end result, clinical outcomes. For added benefit, you can compare everything to an anonymous national aggregate.

  • Your dashboard is your institution’s private “home page,” providing you with a real-time snapshot of your institution’s performance across various measures as compared to an anonymous national aggregate.