Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

How It Works

With the ease of data collection and entry with INSTOR, we benefit from immediate reports and all the information needed to share results of not only our code stroke process, but also our treatment outcomes.  INSTOR is very simple to use and VERY user friendly.  For the stroke coordinators, the dashboards and reports are easy to read and can be easily copied into a power point for distribution of reports and outcomes.

Kelli Dutton, APRN-CNS, Stroke Coordinator, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK


Work Smart, Not Hard

INSTOR was specifically created to simplify data collection, documentation and data entry and to then use sophisticated  analysis in order to improve the emergency treatment of stroke patients.  Despite the fact that most clinicians and hospital administrators know the value of tracking institutional performance pertaining to the emergency treatment of stroke, opinions vary on how best to accomplish these tasks, and the necessary time, effort and cost to be devoted to each.

INSTOR solves this problem with a design that facilitates ease of use, requires minimal training and allows fast and easy implementation with existing in-house resources. INSTOR presents Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers with a proven easily achievable and sustainable model for tracking performance measures as specified by the Joint Commission and the Multisociety Consensus Quality Improvement Guidelines.  Once your data is entered, your work is finished.  Unlike other databases, you don’t have to spend hours each month analyzing your own data in your own excel spreadsheet and making your own bar graphs.  INSTOR, with its sophisticated analytical engine, automatically calculates and presents processes and trends with accepted benchmarks instantly, thus empowering continuous quality improvement.

For an explanation of how INSTOR can help you optimize your data collection/documentation and data entry process, click one of the two buttons to the right, and start working smart, not hard.

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