Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment


Prioritizing Security

As explained in the section on Privacy, INSTOR uses de-identified data and is not subject to the rigorous rules concerning Protected Health Information (PHI).  As such, it is much easier for multiple researchers from various institutions to access and use INSTOR information while analyzing stroke treatment and results without risk of exposing an individual patient’s, or physician’s, identity. That being said, INSTOR still integrates security safeguards as a matter of priority.  Specifically, all login and passwords follow high-security requirements and passwords are changed every 90 days.  Additionally, INSTOR data is encrypted and transmitted via secure Internet connection to the server/storage center utilizing a “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” (HTTPS) for secure transmission on top of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for encryption. INSTOR uses https for all transmissions outside your institution to Bit Refinery, the server and data hosting site.

Data Storage and Server Hosting

As a provider, Bit Refinery can never access your sensitive data and only provides a secure infrastructure and high-availability hosting site that follows all security and privacy compliance rules.  Indeed, since the actual stored information is “de-identified,” safety is exponentially maximized.  Bit Refinery’s infrastructure is built to accommodate any level of workload, and redundancy is built into every level.  In addition to the fully redundant structure that is hosting your sensitive data, Bit Refinery is one of the only cloud-hosting providers that includes encrypted Veeam backups to a separate storage device for every customer.  In addition, all users (hospitals, etc.) can download all of their data 24/7/365.

Software Programming

INSTOR was created from the ground up utilizing the services of a sophisticated custom software development company, Sagekey Software.  Having completed projects for companies such as Panasonic, Abbott, Pfizer, Yellow pages and many others, Sagekey Software, in partnership with experts in the field of stroke diagnosis and treatment, designed INSTOR to be the premier database and analysis tool for both processes of care and clinical outcomes in the emergency treatment of acute ischemic stroke.  The technical nuances of the INSTOR platform, allowing users to customize not only data input but to then be able to perform complex analyses, is unique in the world of stroke and represents one of the more complex and successful projects in Sagekey’s portfolio.

Learn more about how INSTOR is designed in accordance with strict privacy protocols, and complies with Joint Commission mandates and multiple standards and guidelines.