Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

Why it's unique

Here at our stroke center, we have found INSTOR to be less labor intensive, less time consuming, and less expensive than other stroke registries. Furthermore, the reports that INSTOR can generate are much more valuable in evaluating and then improving our processes and outcomes.

Wendy Barrilleaux, P.T., D.P.T, NCS, Stroke Program Coordinator, St. Dominic Hospital, Jackson, MS

INSTOR Serves as a Bona Fide Personal Assistant

As the nation’s only registry specifically designed for process improvement of emergency stroke programs, INSTOR represents more than just somewhere to store data; it is a powerful tool in your administrative arsenal.  With its unique design and powerful analytical capabilities, it operates more as your very own personal assistant, providing you with clearly visible reports of performance measures and clinical outcomes and that would otherwise only be possible with a team of full-time staff working around the clock.

INSTOR can assist you like no other analytical tool can.  Here’s how:

Comprehensive Program AnalysisAs a process improvement tool, INSTOR is designed from scratch to make your work easier, your program better, and improve clinical outcomes. INSTOR is unique in that it allows you to track all Joint Commission, American Stroke Association, and medical society performance measures (with benchmarks where appropriate) with full-color graphs ready when you are.  Monthly QA meetings are no longer a challenge but rather an opportunity to show your results.

Justification for Your Recommended ChangesINSTOR uniquely empowers you with the information you need to make a strong, rationale case for improvement.  No longer do you have to rely on vague perceptions, memories, and anecdotes when communicating about areas in need of change . . . now, you have accurate and irrefutable evidence that is sure to help the decision-makers in your institution see your point of view.

Support for Reporting DutiesFrom monthly reports to the stroke team that include updates on process trends, personnel response times, individual patient treatment timelines (and possible performance lapses) to presentations to the C-suite that showcase the successes and performance of your stroke program, INSTOR delivers the information you need in a graphic format that does the communicating for you.  In literally minutes, you can generate colorful and impactful PowerPoint presentations, and save yourself hours of work.

Joint Commission Reviews. There is, perhaps, no other time as stressful in a hospital environment as Joint Commission Review. INSTOR will make sure that you are prepared with easily understood reports that present all results relative to performance measures as specified by the Joint Commission for Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers.

Learn more about how INSTOR can also benefit physicians and hospital administrators.