Empowering Data-Driven Stroke Treatment

Why it's unique

INSTOR allows us to quickly extract meaningful information from all of our stroke data. Our processes are now clearly visible and no longer a mystery, and the data analysis facilitated by INSTOR allows rational decision-making to optimize our emergency stroke program.

Richard V. Smith, M.D., Medical Director, Mercy NeuroScience Institute, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK

INSTOR helps put Your Hospital at the Forefront of Stroke Care

Despite the rapid growth of neurointerventional medicine over the past two decades, there are numerous challenges in today’s stroke care environment.  In the aftermath of disappointing trial results that are raising questions about procedural efficacy and calling into question the ability of Endovascular Therapy (EVT) to achieve good patient outcomes, stroke centers are faced with a new urgency and responsibility to ensure that their stroke programs are operating at maximum efficiency and to advance every element of optimal patient care.

INSTOR can make a significant impact in direct and indirect ways by:

Facilitating Cost-SavingsINSTOR was specifically designed for efficient data management and sophisticated analysis. The rewards of process improvement can be clearly demonstrated by INSTOR with numerous easily understood graphical reports.  As these increased efficiencies lead to improved patient care and better clinical outcomes, your hospital benefits in numerous ways.  Patients spend less time in intensive care, and length of stay for stroke patients is shortened.

Underscoring Program Success to Senior LeadershipWhen you are tasked with detailing your stroke program results to those bodies vested with ultimate authority in the affairs of your institution, INSTOR is your resource.  From demographics/co-morbidities that shed light on your institution’s stroke population to process data that reveals long- and short-term trends in performance and clinical outcomes (with or without individual patient risk-adjustment), INSTOR provides the kind of high-level data that will stand up to scrutiny and help  reinforce your hospital’s leadership in stroke care on a national and local level.

Ensuring Substantive MarketingINSTOR provides you with clearly visible graphic results and insightful information that can help you customize and shape your stroke care messages in a way that will resonate to leadership, the community, and to other stroke professionals.  From internal and external newsletters to traditional and social media initiatives to high-level presentations, INSTOR is an invaluable resource that allows you to quickly and easily craft a story made powerful by easily seen data that supports your overall brand as a center of excellence in stroke care.

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